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About Forensic Healthcare Consulting What Other Attendees Think About Our Seminars——————

Domestic Violence: Recognition, Interventions and Legal Aspects

Very, very good applicable presentation

We are developing a domestic violence group and this helped me for organizational planning and reporting ideas

Provided tools and practices to serve victims


Human Trafficking

"Great Inservice, very informative"

"Good topic to raise awareness"

"Unbelievable what goes on in society today"


Strangulation Training Missoula, Montana

“It was a pleasure to meet you and listen to your excellent presentation at the Strangulation and Domestic Violence seminar in Missoula a few weeks ago. Your knowledge was impressive but equally as impressive was your ability to convey and teach the subject. I appreciate the fact that you were willing to come such a distance to teach such an important topic that has been overlooked for years.

Just wanted you to know that in less than two months having come here to present, you have ignited a spark here in Missoula for locals to share the word about strangulation.”


Strangulation Training Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Thank you, and Marianne, for helping to make our conference a success! I enjoyed working with you immensely! The sessions you provided were outstanding and the evaluations were extremely good.”

Ellen Gatewood, New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Albuquerque, New Mexico


A Nurse who attended one of our SANE training seminars:

You are an excellent presenter and kept my attention the whole time. Thanks for sharing all your experience and the enthusiasm you obviously have for your work. I definitely would be interested in being on your team in the future!

Also, thanks to Ruth for sharing the new career direction with us. You make me want to be a SANE nurse.

Ruth and Alison are an inspiration. Ruth has so much passion!!

Alison is an awesome nurse. I hope to be like them one day as a SANE.

All the speakers were great.


A Nurse Practioner who attended all our DV seminars wrote:

The seminars by Forensic Healthcare Consulting are very informative and exciting.
They keep you interested and eager to learn more. And, best of all - the presenters are very knowledgeable and offer a wealth of information!


A Deputy Sheriff/RN who attended our Winter
Domestic Violence and Strangulation seminars wrote:

This is an outstanding program and has been needed for a long time.
I’m glad it’s happening for both law enforcement and nursing. Very educational.


A Victim Witness Advocate who attended our
Winter Strangulation seminar wrote:

This was such a unique and important training. We have revised our
safety planning to include specifics from the training.


An RN Emergency Department and EMS Paramedic who attended our
Winter Strangulation seminar wrote:

It was excellent and gave us tools to work with in our practice that was very much needed. I got so much out of the Strangulation inservice. The check list with the body map came in handy last night at work. Thank you so much for all your efforts. They are very much appreciated and needed...


A Legal Professional who attended our
Winter Strangulation seminar wrote:

Exceptional! Just Exceptional!


A Legal Professional who attended our Winter DV seminar wrote:

Excellent conference! Very good seminar! Most informational!